Your Nature

Life’s journey is remembering Your True Nature

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Albert Einstein

You are an extension of source energy. Source energy is the part of every human that is non-physical. It is our soul, our intuition, our goodness, and our life-giving force. It is called many things throughout the world: chi, prana, ki, mana. It is the part of us that existed before we came into our bodies. It is the part of us that will exist after we exit our human form. The source energy within us is also our connection to the Divine, universal power, or simply the power greater than us, whatever belief system you honor.

Source energy is perfect, kind, loving, and nurturing – and by extension – so are you. This is your natural programming, your true nature. It is space we are all seeking to return to – before life’s circumstances modified our original programming. Life’s experiences created the perception you have of yourself. These events distorted your thoughts and made you believe you were something less than perfect. They made you believe that somehow you were unworthy or unable to have the fulfillment and happiness you deserve.

It’s time the term “perfection” was redefined and rebranded. Perfection exists when its source is from within. You were born perfect. You were born with exactly the right number of skills, abilities, and attributes. Your soul, spirit, and energy, at its core, is perfect. Your perfection is unalterable. External perfection is trying to meet someone else’s standards. External perfection, perfect behavior or doing a perfect job, is a fallacy. It’s a mask. Striving for external perfection keeps you stuck and keeps you from realizing your true perfection. Life’s journey and life’s purpose are to get back to the state of remembering and believing this to be true. Your purpose is to return to the state of accepting and loving yourself just as you are.