The Nature of Transformation

Nature is defined as the phenomena of the physical world, the inherent characteristics of something.

Transformation is defined as a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. A metamorphosis during a life cycle.

Transformation is in our nature

The concept of human transformation as it relates to the natural, non-human world has been capturing my thoughts as I try to capture nature through photography. We are inherently, as humans, built for transformation – it is our true nature.

Just as in nature, seasons change and life transforms. There is no physical way to remain unchanged and yet people put so much effort into maintaining the status quo of their lives. What if we looked at change as opportunities – opportunities to finally start living the lives we deserve – the lives we were meant to live?

A metamorphosis

Not just change but a transformation. A metamorphosis. It is time that we look at the circumstances of our lives and started to weed out the bad stuff, the stuff that doesn’t serve us, and start planting the garden, the life, we were always meant to live?

Every person already has all the skills and abilities to become the best they can be. Life events and the people surrounding us may have influenced us to become timid or scared. These circumstances have made us believe lies about ourselves – that we’re unworthy, unable to achieve success or live the life of our dreams. The transformation we need is to remove the negative thought patterns and transform ourselves back into the truth of who we truly are.

Can people really change? 

The real question is, how can people avoid changing? Change is in our nature. We have already changed so much in our lifetime and will continue to change. Our bodies, our opinions, our surroundings, the people we associate with and our professions are all in a state of constant evolution. We’ve changed our thoughts and the way we perceive people and events. Our physical body is in a constant state of change from the moment we are born. With each phase of our lives, we have experienced a tremendous amount of change.

Everyone experiences hundreds, maybe thousands, catalysts for change throughout their lifetime.

The act of simply living requires transformation.

All life forms are non-exempt – it’s our true nature. When movement stops, life stops. Pain is the result of trying to halt this evolution. So many people suffer in the resistance of change. Transformation is our natural state so there is absolutely no reason why we cannot find your way back to our true selves now and experience the miraculous transformation we’ve longed for.

During a transformative time in my life, I was feeling stuck in a life that was been patched together by my pain and my fears and my unfulfilled ambitions. I know you can, on some level, relate to these feelings.  Somehow I had created this reality I was living, but it was built on a faulty foundation of conscious and unconscious bad choices and disempowering thoughts. Unsure of exactly how I got to where I was, I knew I needed to find a way to get out. I was feeling hopelessly stuck, unable to make a move without hurting myself, or hurting someone else. There’s a sharp pain – a knowing – in your gut when you know you have to make a big change and explore new territory.

My journey of healing.

I embarked on my journey of healing, seeking my own transformation and tending my garden. A journey to learn who I am, learning more about others, and find my joy and my passion. I learned to embrace some unpleasant truths about myself, healing the wounds of the last 30 years along the way. I learned to forgive myself and forgive others while forging a new life for myself.

I’ve studied so much – self-study and formalized study. I’ve curated other’s good work. Taking bits and pieces and creating my own formula of success. Working on myself. Finding my light. Realizing my power. Designing my life – purposefully and with intention.

We all have our stories, our experiences, and our journeys – our own gardens.  Even the really bad stuff makes us the people who we are. Especially the bad stuff.

Life’s journey

Life’s journey and life’s purpose are to get back to a state of feeling worthy, happy and fulfilled. It’s not to get to a state of perfection, because we are already perfectly made to become who we were born to be. The purpose is to get back to the state of remembering and believing it to be true, to get back to the state of being perfectly imperfect and accepting and loving ourselves just as we are. Having the appearance of perfection is a mask. The most interesting people I know are complex with their uniqueness on display for all to see. These people have lived life and survived some really challenging stuff in their lives, but their light still shines bright. They are not trying to portray an artificial perfection. They are proud of their journey. And you should be too.

Accepting where we’ve been and reaching for what we deserve – transforming our life into one that focuses on happiness – is our true calling. That’s the Nature of Transformation