This is the book that started it all for me. It started me on my journey of self discovery. This book reminds us of our true nature. It tells us that we were meant to be loved, feel worthy, and be as successful as we want to be.

The book reminds us that fear is the opposite of love and in any given situation one will dominate. We need to choose love. Come back to love.

I attended a small workshop where Marianne spoke. I was excited beyond belief. I arrived early and sat in the front row.

Marianne came through the side door, just 15 feet in front of me. Walked straight up to me with an outstretch hand. She sat next to us and chatted until it was her time to get on stage.

She was dynamic in her speaking, just as she is in online videos. She’s warm and sincere.

Her warmth and caring is reflected in all of her writings. I recommend reading as many books as you can of hers.