Just One

A recent Saturday morning, I was getting ready to start work. Meditation done. Exercise done. I’m putting the final touches on a book proposal. I have put a lot of work into the book itself and this book proposal has been an adventure. I have the finish line in sight, then BAM, a random thought snuck into my head.

The whisper (or was it more of a scream?) said “You’re doing all of this work, putting in all of this time and effort and expectation. What if nothing comes of it? Nothing will happen. It will all be a waste of time.”

I’ve had this thought before. Sometimes it’s just a feeling. A dull ache. Fear of failure, or success, or both creep in. Only a few times has it graduated from a feeling to a fully formed, clearly articulated sentence.

I believe it’s the universe asking you “do you really want this?” “Do you dare to try?”

Well, my answer Universe is “Yes, yes I really want this.”

I want this because I want the experience of going through the process. I want the knowledge that it will give me. I want the pride of bringing this passion project as far as it can take me. I want to say, “I did it”. I want to say “I tried, and I didn’t let fear stop me”

If I’m honest with myself, I want people to view my work. I want it to benefit as many people as possible. I want people to have the knowledge and the tools to understand how capable and worthy they are of greatness.

Soon after the fearful thought shook me, I’m remembered an empowerment event I spoke at a few years ago. I told the audience that I organize these events, not because I think I can help everyone, I do it for the “one” person I can reach. My goal is Just One. Just One person who can relate. Just One person who hears something I say, and it gives them confidence to take that next step in their journey. Just One person who leaves believing just a little bit more, in themselves.

After that event, I was standing around talking to people when one of the attendees approached me and said, “I’m the one”. She went on to explain how inspired she was. That she was “the one” who will absolutely leave the event more motivated than when she first walked in.

Everyone, no question, no matter how confident they may seem, is riddled with doubts about what they are doing, especially if what they are doing really matters to them or are putting themselves out there in a new way.

The universe is tricky… She placed that doubt in my head then she also, in all her glory, reminded me of the story where I made an impact on Just One person.

It’s not our job to design the outcome or impact we may have. We can dream of what the outcome may look like but it’s not our job. We have very little control. You never know who your “just one” is. You never know who you inspire with your actions. You never know who looks at you and says “if she can do it, so can I.” It could be your kid, your co-worker, or someone you don’t even know.

The way you live your life is an inspiration. And it only needs to inspire Just One person to make a difference.

So keep going. Keep pushing. I believe in you. I’m inspired by you. I am your “one”.

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