Amplify Your Inner Voice

“Clarity is not found through intellect but experienced in stillness.”

Amplify Your Inner Voice

Without a doubt, it is imperative that you learn consistent strategies to AMPLIFY YOUR INNER VOICE so that you are in touch with the guidance that is always available to you. Continue reading to learn how to 9 ways to amplify your inner voice.

Inner Wisdom | Inner Voice | Intuition| Guidance | The Universe

Whatever you call it and whatever its source – it is all the same. It’s the KNOWING that your spirit has. It wants only the best for you. If your inner voice is pointing you to your fears, it most certainly is NOT your inner guidance. That is your limiting beliefs and fears holding you back. Your inner guidance will, of course, try to warn you of impending danger (don’t go down that dark alley). Hopefully, you’re not in dangerous situations that often. Therefore, the primary purpose and goal for your inner guidance is to see you THRIVE. It wants the best there is for you. It wants you to achieve your dreams.

When does your inner guidance show up?

Always. All day, whenever you need it. You just have to learn ways to tap into this amazing resource you have available to you. In fact, it never takes a day off. It doesn’t call in sick. It’s not too tired to show up fully and ready for action at a moment’s notice. Rest easy that your inner voice will never abandon you.

What silences your inner voice?

Whether you silence it away with your fears or make it fade into the background with your logical thinking of all the ways and reasons why your dreams are not achievable, drowning out your inner voice is a risk when you let these negative emotions take center stage. Practice pushing away your fears so that the path can be cleared for your inner voice to emerge.

In a previous blog post …

Demonstrated in my previous post, was my journey in trusting and listening to my inner voice. Additionally, I spoke about my journey to get clarity on how I want my life to unfold in the next couple of years. In that blog post (you can find HERE), I provided the lessons I learned on my journey. In short, the lessons were:

  • Time is not infinite
  • There is no absolute destination
  • Your inner voice knows the way
  • Watch for human guides
  • Action will bring clarity

Stuck The Space In Between Clarity and Overwhelming Fog

What I didn’t touch on in my previous blog post is the frustrating space in between. When all you can see is the fog. You can’t hear the voice and you don’t have clarity about the direction of your life.

Here you have 2 choices: you can recognize that there is fog but there is also light and work in the direction of the light or you can get used to not seeing clearly. Accept the fog as a permanent state of reality and give up on taking steps to making your dreams and your desires come true.

The first step is recognizing the need for clarity

Recognizing the fog exists and that you want it to burn off, is a critical first step.

But let me tell you of the importance of recognizing that there is actually fog. Symbolically, fog is reflective of a hidden truth, mystery, or confusion. It represents the space between reality and unreality. In the unconscious mind, it shrouds the things we don’t want to deal with. When you inevitably recognize the awareness that you NEED clarity, it is the time to start taking action.

As they say, the first step is admitting it: admitting that you’ve pushed aside dreams you may have had, admitting that you’ve ignored a critical truth so much that now there is just a fog, and you can no longer see the path before you.

With this in mind, and if you can relate, let me reassure you that you ARE listening to your inner voice right now. You are listening to the voice that says, “hey, read that blog”. The voice that says “hey, maybe there is something else I need to do in this lifetime to elevate my soul”.

There are sustainable, repeatable practices that allow you to hear the sound of your inner voice. When you are having trouble hearing your inner voice, try these 9 ways to amplify that voice. These actions have been vital in my journey to lift my own fog.

Actions to Gain Clarity

If you’re in that space where you don’t have clarity, where fog is the dominant situation, recognize it and think about the things you can do to gain more clarity

  1. Morning Pages (The Artist Way). Without a doubt, Morning Pages are a magical way to get rid of the fog. Morning pages are like the sun. In essence, it begins to lift the fog, little by little. Moreover, do them long hand and allow the stream of consciousness thoughts flow out onto the page to get the most benefit. As a result, you end up cleaning up the stale thoughts that may be getting in the way of achieving a clear vision for your life. Check out video for tips on doing your morning pages: Morning Pages | 15 Tips to Get the MOST Out of this Exercise (TODAY)
  2. Journal your way to clarity. Elevating the stream of consciousness writing done in morning pages is journaling. Whether you journal with writing prompts to explore specific topic areas or use journaling to work through some of your ideas and thoughts, it can be incredibly beneficial to lifting the fog you are experiencing. It can be a place where you dive a little deeper into the areas that are causing you stress and anxiety, allowing you to learn more about yourself and the situation you’re going through.  No matter the purpose, journaling will make situations and your thoughts clearer and more understandable and can be super effective when you’re trying to figure out what you really want out of life. Writing your arguments against your dreams, you can see and ultimately refute the naysayer voice that is in opposition to your dreams.
  3. If/Then Pages are a journaling technique specifically geared to identifying a clear picture of what you want in your life 3 years from now while also looking at the actions you can take today to bring you closer to that reality. The technique is simple. Find a notebook where, when you open the book, you can see and write on both the left side and the right side of the notebook. On the top of the left page write in big letters “IF”. The right page is your “THEN” side. On your left “IF” page, describe a day in your life 3 years from now. Write today’s date but 3 years from now. Describe your day from the moment you wake up. Where is your home, who’s with you, what do you do first? How do you feel. Continue to write your ideal day. Don’t second guess what you’re writing. On the THEN page, identify the things that, IF your ideal day is this THEN today the actions, I need to take are… Do this several times a week and as frequently as necessary until your IF page feels like a comfortable sweater to you. If fits just right.
  4. Follow your passions. What you ENJOY doing is no accident. (Read my blog on The Cost of Not Living Your Passions.) The things that you do to lift your spirit, no matter what they are, will always, no question, lead you on your exact right path. Check out my blog on the topic where I discuss the COST of not living a passionate life. Your life is meant to be reveled in and enjoyed to its fullest. Following your passions are like breadcrumbs laid along a path for you to follow. They will never take you in a direction you shouldn’t be going.
  5. Talk it out. Whether it’s with a spouse, a close friend or a coach, articulating and verbalizing what you want in your life is an important step. I have come closer and closer to my vision for my life BECAUSE I’ve been telling people about it. When we remain solely in our thoughts and in our minds without putting words to our dreams the continue to remain just out of reach. Breathe them to life with your words.
  6. Unclutter your life. With this in mind, and if you’re unclear about what you want to do, check to see if your surroundings are cluttered. It’s hard to have mental clarity if your space is cluttered.
  7. MEDITATE. If you don’t know by now, meditation is my secret sauce. It’s my grounding and attempt for silence in a very loud world and a very loud mind full of rambling thoughts. I’m going to be bold right here and say: EVERYONE SHOULD MEDITATE. Meditation is not about clearing away your thoughts, it’s about attaining awareness of those thoughts so you can see the patterns. Eventually, your thoughts will start to self-organize, you’ll push away the thoughts that tell you bad things about life and about yourself.
  8. Ground yourself in nature. Whether it’s in your yard or you need to travel, make it a priority to feel the ground beneath your feet, get your hands dirty in some soil, and feel and smell the gifts of nature. These actions have a calming effect. You will be able to hear the whispers of your inner voice.
  9. Pay attention to where your attention is directed. Meaning… if you feel drawn to a book, an article, a blog, a speaker, a person, the moon, whatever…, following where your attention leads you. When I choose the inspirational video I’m going to listen to during my morning workout, I assume that the one that I’m drawn to has the exact message that I need for that day.

In Nature, Fog Limits Your Visibility

If you can’t see where you’re going you’re leaving your life up to chance.

The fog typically goes away in the daylight. Practice one or all of the recommendations above to bring the light into your life that you’ve been craving. When the skies are clear, there is a sense of freedom. The heaviness of life is lifted, and joy and happiness can make their way to you more easily.

 The fog will occasionally roll back in. That’s ok.  It’s just the cyclical nature of life. When it does roll back in and when you feel lost, return to these practices.

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